Vehicles umbrella accessories, such as, bike umbrella holder( or bicycle umbrella stand), are ideal for riding in raining or sunny day, free your hand to add safety.                                                          

New Strong Umbrella Stand Handlebar Holder for Bicycle, E-bike,wheel chair and baby carriage.It has a strong and height adjustable stem and a joint which allows the umbrella to be adjusted according to the angle of the sun.Simple design, very easy to mount on the handlebar of the bicycle Made of Stainless Steel and ABS, very steady and durable.                                                                                               

Luyin factory focus on electric bicycle bike umbrella,scooter umrbella and umbrella accessories. Currently, we own stitchig/quiltying/jnjection/punching/printing workshop.The design , logo, color, frame, size, all can be customized as you want.Welcome OEM and ODM Orders,we take customer service and support seriously at Hunan Luyin Umbrellas Co., LTD. We will be there with you every step of the way.

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