Looking for the great strong E-bike canopy or scooter umbrella wind resistant? Well then, we are certain to have the perfect wind resistant bike umbrella for you! We're pleased to boast an outstanding assortment of E-bike/scooter or bike umbrellas. There’s an ‘umbrella’ for two-wheelers that’s designed to keep riders dry as they ride along. These ‘Bike Umbrella’ enable riders to ride their bikes comfortably in the most miserable conditions, including rain,dust and winds.It can be fitted to any two-wheeler and can withstand speed up to 60-70 kmph.      


If you thought umbrellas are just for rain, you must take a good try at these E-bike umbrellas that promise to keep you cooler during summer in the sun also and shield you from the harmful solar rays.                          

Hunan Luyin Umbrellas Co., LTD, runs a major business of bike/scooter umbrella in the Manufacturing.One stop solution service provider for all kind of motor/ electric vehicles umbrella products. Our products are well received by customers in love, basing of the business philosophy of "Quality First, Customer Supreme".

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